Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Aguapey Foto Ruth Dacunda

Aguapey Foto Ruth Dacunda

From Thailand, Lic. Milagros Escalada Petrella

“What you perceived is what you believe”… that is the cosmic drama. Perceptions become the basis of our belief system. Examine the “realities” that define your life, do you see a dangerous place or the Garden of Eden? . Our experience of life depends on how we perceived things in a given moment and we are placed back and forth from delightful peaceful experiences to unpleasant ones.

Patanjali was an enlightened being with unity of mind, body and speech. His works are the supports to bring all facts of life into cohesion, in each part, each sutra, totality exists.

Sutra means “treads”, the student could “ tread together” in memory ingredients of consciousness to experience the tapestry of the superior soul.

The Yoga Sutras describe practical methods of Yoga and was written around the 2nd to the 4th centuries by Patanjali; he systematized the preexisting traditions of yoga discipline.

The yoga Sutras has three principles:

1-Suffering is not caused by outside forces but by a limited perception of who we are. We experience endless cravings for sense satisfaction. As everything is constantly changing nothing in the material world is capable of bringing lasting fulfillment.

2-The peace we seek is our own identity, though obscure by ignorance.

3-Self-realization, is attained by mastering the mind. Just as a clean mirror can reflect our face truly as it is, only a one-pointed tranquil mind can part the vails of ignorance and reveal and reflect the self.


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